How we got here:

When I first started K&L, I did what I thought was "normal". I took pictures, and gave my clients digital files.  It took almost a year for me to learn my mistake. Many of my first clients lost their CD, or it broke.  Others got prints, but they didn't turn out right.  Some never printed anything, because on their screen, they looked off.  It took several stories like this for me to realize the disservice I was providing my clients. Now, K&L is different. 

The Process:

I meet with my clients when they book to do a Design Consultation. We chat, get to know each other, discuss clothes and locations, and I take a few pictures of where they want to display their art, so they can get the right sizes for their home. 

By the time the Session comes around, it's less awkward. The initial questions are out of the way, and we can simply focus on important stuff: Preserving those memories. 

Typically, within one to two weeks, we are having a Viewing and Ordering appointment.  It's the best way for the client to see their images. My screen is calibrated, so the colors are correct, and I have products they can see and feel.  Since we have pictures of their walls, we can figure out the PERFECT sizes for their space. 

Finally, there is delivery.  The art can take two weeks to come in, and I do a thorough checking of every single piece.  All quality control lands on me, and I hold my professional labs to a high standard. Nothing a client receives from me will be anything less than what I consider perfect.