Trash the dress portraits are one of those things that I think people have a hard time connecting with. After all, the wedding gown is an integral part of the wedding itself and is a representation of the bride.  So, why do people do it? 

It's simple, for some, the idea of leaving the dress in what I have heard described as the "gown coffin" isn't a fitting end for one of the most special garments they will ever wear. For them, it is an opportunity to enjoy the gown one more time. To experience all those special feelings that they had on their wedding day. 

Still, there are those who love the concept of the Trash the Dress portraits but can't imagine doing it with their gown. Perhaps, it's because of what they spent on it, or sentiment. Even both. 

Most of my Trash the Dress sessions take place in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Which means water, and lots of it. For some clients, their dresses will simply not work for the environment. (Water can make those layers VERY heavy.)

Here are my tips for making your Trash the Dress session with K&L Photography a success. 
1. The dress: It needs to be A-line, sheath, mermaid, or trumpet. If you have a ballgown, even a small one, I strongly advise finding a white dress, or even another wedding gown, online or at a thrift stop. ( can be a great source for a mock wedding gown for your session!)

2. Hair: Keep it easy and flowing. Since we'll be working at the beach, you may get more than a little bit wet. Updos don't tend to hold well. Loose locks add romance and softness for your unique session. 

3. Makeup: Waterproof and resistant are best. Even though it is unlikely you will be under the water completely at any time, you may still get wet and racoon eyes are not flattering on anyone. 

4. Bring your groom: Trash the dress can be a solo venture, but there is something special about having your husband with you. You will never have portraits quite like this again. I promise. 

5. Have fun and make memories: This is another opportunity to relive the day you made your life commitment to the person you love. Enjoy the romance, laugh at the silliness, and make new moments to savor for a lifetime. 

Finally, and last not but least, contact me about booking your session today!