Extended family portraits are difficult. There are a ton of people, multiple families, and there is always someone running late. It's hard to know exactly what to expect since everyone has their own schedule, so getting everyone to the same place and in a good mood can seem impossible. 

When it finally happens though, and all of you are together, ready to smile, your photographer is less than prepared than you expected. Maybe, they are alone and your group is just a bit rowdy (totally normal). Maybe, they aren't comfortable working with so many people. Large groups can be intimidating. 

It can make a session that should also be a fantastic family memory go south quick. 

Choosing someone like me (10 years experience this August), improves the chances of getting the portraits you want, and make it even a bit fun. 

Now, to add to the experience (and ease), my associate photographer, Amanda, is available a few days a week to assist.  She'll help us to stay on task, be that person who reaches in and fixes something, and is prepared to help take breakdown portraits if need be. 

Let us help you document your family.