This past January, I got the awesome privilege of hosting a boudoir event in Pensacola. We had 14 wonderful women attend. It was a amazing. Hair and make up, snacks, and beautiful portraits. Pretty much the perfect weekend. 

Outside of how awesome each of these women were in front of camera, just straight up gorgeous, what really struck was how awesome they were. The stories they shared, the laughter, and the strength. 

Everyone came in with their head held high (as best they could, it was raining) and shared a bit of themselves with us. 

Every night, my associate photographer/assistant/person-who-keeps-me-sane, Amanda would bring up things I didn't hear because I was in a session and how that person shared something that was either empowering, emotional, or downright funny. Even all three. 

All I can say to those women is thank you. Thank you for choosing us and trusting us. It was a blast and an honor.